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Sunday February 14, 2016

After nearly 7 years of doing tattoos on the Las Vegas Strip, I have moved to a new tattoo shop.  I’d like to introduce you to my new home, Bluenote Tattoo.  Bluenote Tattoo is located 5 minute away from the Las Vegas Strip, and is the number one tattoo destination for both locals and tourists.  It’s unique atmosphere combines the blues and tattoos, and is quickly becoming famous for being the best custom tattoo shop in Las Vegas.  Bluenote Tattoo is an artist owned tattoo shop, and focuses on giving the customer the best tattoo experience possible. 

best Las Vegas Tattoo Shop

Whether you are visiting Las Vegas or you live in Las Vegas and are looking for the best tattoo artists at one of the best Las Vegas tattoo shops, Bluenote Tattoo is the place to be. 

best las vegas tattoo shop

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